Class Rooms :

The Class rooms of the college are airy, ventilated, spacious and well furnitured. Special attention is paid to each and every student. The Class room creates healthy atmosphere for the students

Library :

The College has a grand library offering the best collection of books, ranging from ancient literature to the latest novels. It has nearly 12 thousand books on almost all the subjects for student’s amelioration of knowledge and skill. Tremendous steps have been taken to acquaint the students with the latest happenings of the world by providing them various magazines and competitive books.

Hall :

The College has a spacious hall of 3200 square feet illuminated with electric lights equipped with fans and air condition. The Hall can accommodate 1000 students at a time for morning assembly and various functions organized by the college on different occasions such as, annual function, prize distribution, seminars, lectures etc.

Games :

The College is one of the best in the field of sports . It has a large play- ground of 2225 square meter illuminated with lights consisting of a cricket pitch and the volleyball court. Besides a basketball court (largest court in Kanpur Mandal) has been recently constructed and a badminton court is also under construction. Various kinds of games such as Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho etc. are conducted to surplus energy and enthusiasm of the students and to promote health and physical fitness among them.

Music Room :

To increase interest among the students, the institution carries out the concept of teaching music through the basic knowledge of Sur and Talls. Regular practice sessions of most of its sessions for students with Sur, Tall, Rhythm along with creativity (acting). By developing a cruse of social harmony and equality among the students there is a constant effort to develop Sanskara regarding Indian culture, religious aspects,patriotism and other through various folk-songs.By making the students hear cassettes of renowned singer and musicians for raising the level of music, more.We organise singing competitions among students to encourage and inspire them for music. Opportunities are provided to most of the students to participate in several cultural programmes.Our students participate in inter school singing competitions as well as in various other singing competition conducted by institutions.

Labs :

Lab is a very important part of chemistry, Physics and Biology. At the highest level this ‘doing’ takes form of research. The students thus, have to supply fundamental principles and advanced technical skills in a way which can not be prescribed in text-books. So, to present a sequential demonstration of experiments for a better understanding the college has three labs (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) equipped with the latest automated equipments. They allow the students to conduct experiments simultaneously leaving no space for error. Each lab can accommodate at least 30 students at a time to conduct experiments.

Computer Lab :

To enhance computer aided learning,we have estabilished fully air conditioned wide computer lab equipped with modern infrastructure and systems. We provide computer courses from class 4th to 10th based on advance courses (syllabus) as Programming Languages, Multimedia, Operating Systems, Networking & Internet etc. The lab consists of 14 computers including P4, P3 & Celeron processors.